Eastern Suburbs Coffee Etiquette

While you don’t have to be a hipster to blend in with the coffee connoisseurs frequenting popular Eastern Suburbs cafes such as Porch and ParlourThe Grounds of Alexandria and Lox Stock & Barrel (amongst others), a well manicured beard, and an in-depth understanding of coffee etiquette, are generally considered positives.

As the coffee culture has grown dramatically in popularity, so too has the need to be aware of the unspoken codes of conduct when dropping into your favourite cafe or restaurant for a single or double shot of freshly ground, caffeinated heaven.


Dog Handbag Coffee

While handbag dogs are cute and adorable, this isn’t Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. This isn’t a scene out of ‘Legally Blonde’ and I’m afraid you aren’t Reece Witherspoon. Quite frankly, staffies rule the roost in Bondi, and fluffy pooches should never be sat down on the counter of a cafe or restaurant or even on your lap once you sit down, because the only hair you’d ever want to find in your coffee (if any) is your own.



Do not try to pick up the cute barista while there is a queue, especially early in the morning when customers are getting their breakfast coffee, as you’ll definitely get death stares from the other customers!



If you’re sitting in a cafe for several hours with friends or while completing work or study, buy more than a single coffee. Remember, cafe and restaurant owners are running a business, so you won’t be popular if you’re taking up space from another paying customer and spending very little. Whether you buy another coffee or grab a sandwich or a muffin, always spend more if you’re going to linger for longer.

#4. WAKE UP!

Grabbing an order to go? Make sure you pay attention, so you’re aware when your name is called out. Baristas hate having to call out for you several times, especially if you decide to go outside and take a call. If worst comes to worst, stay inside, but talk quietly.

For further cafe culture tips, as well as restaurant insights such as our recent article on why the plate is more important than the food be sure to keep following our blog updates! At WholesalePak we stock everything from tabletop supplies to takeaway containers, and place a strong emphasis on ethical practices and the need for eco-packaging to reduce our environment footprint.

Fixing The Halal Snack Pack Frenzy

Halal Snack Pack

  (Credit: @amabelleth)


In our humble view, there is only one way the Halal Snack Pack can be improved.

“Hang on … the what?”

If this was your response, you may be the only Aussie who hasn’t heard of this mouth-watering kebab shop craze!

The Halal Snack Pack is one of the country’s great viral social media successes of 2016. Five Sydney mates triggered Halal Snack Pack (HSP) fever when they started a closed Facebook group for people passionate about layers of hot chips, kebab meat, cheese and sauce served mainly in a Styrofoam container.

At last count, the group has over 165,000 members, which is like filling up Sydney’s Olympic Park – twice. Imagine two Sydney Olympic Parks full of people, brought together by a mutual love of hot chips smothered in doner kebab meat and creamy sauces!

Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society
Right now, it’s pretty much impossible to walk past a kebab shop without seeing people walking out of the door with a HSP.

At WholesalePak, we’re right behind this Aussie-Meets-Multicultural HSP craze – except for just one thing…

That Styrofoam container.

In fact, WholesalePak owner Joel Kahn has a mission.

Joel and WholesalePak are passionate about making packaging sustainable and eco-friendly, which is something Styrofoam is definitely not.


Halal Snack Pack

(Credit: @forksake)

The iconic HSP container is the disposable ‘clam-shell’ – made from an air-expanded, and therefore super-light, polystyrene.

If you get the feeling that Styrofoam is basically bad, you’d be right. The building block is called ‘styrene’, and exposure to this is bad for your skin, eyes, respiratory and nervous systems, kidneys – the list goes on.

Not only that, polystyrene production is heavily polluting, and is also one of the world’s biggest sources of hazardous liquid and solid waste. It’s also made with petroleum – not only heavily-polluting but also non-renewable and unsustainable. Plastics like polystyrene, which break up, find their way into the waterways, only to choke animals and kill sea-life, make up a huge percentage of all landfills, mainly because they’re hard and expensive to recycle.

In other words, Styrofoam is bad. This is where Joel’s mission comes in.


WholesalePak supply containers that are made from managed plantation-sourced pulp, or INGEO plastic, which is 100% renewable, eco-friendly, compostable and sustainable.

So Joel hopes the next craze is the ‘SHSP’ – the Sustainable Halal Snack Pack. Australians are increasingly passionate about ensuring our world, and our business practices, are passed on to our children and grandchildren in better shape.

If Joel contributes to the process of creating a happy, kebab-shop customer walking out into a cleaner, better, world with a delicious SHSP in their hands, his Halal Snack Pack mission will be complete.

If you want to help spread the word about the need for new and improved super-crazes like the SHSP, don’t be shy to get on board and add a comment.

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