Your Guide To Alcoholic Drink Glasses

Because life isn’t a college party where generic red cups set the standard, you need to get your alcoholic beverage drinkware right for every tipple and occasion.

That’s because it’s not just about looking the part and feeling classy – there is science behind all of those different glass shapes and sizes for different alcoholic drinks, and it’s your job to know when you’re serving your customers. The shape and size influence the drink’s aroma and body and can optimise its flavour, as well as regulate how much you should serve and how quickly the customer can drink it. So here’s your guide to getting it right.


At WholesalePak, we know better than most that there’s more to beer than just the common pint! Normally quite simple shapes, beer glasses typically widen at the top, making them suitable for larger amounts of liquid and meaning it’s easier to drink. They also come in smaller sizes, slender shapes like the pilsner and much bigger jugs like steins. WholesalePak’s extensive drinkware collection ensures there’s a beer glass to suit any taste or occasion. Check out our beer glass range to see for yourself!


A champagne glass, otherwise known as a flute, is narrow, tulip-shaped and mandatory for weddings, toasts and celebrations. Why the shape? It’s all about maintaining the fizz and showing off those bubbles. Looking to add a touch of elegance to your restaurant, bar or even your next dinner party? Browse WholesalePak’s stunning champagne flute collection!


Think the famous Martini and beyond, the weird yet sexy shape of a cocktail glass actually helps prevent the mixed ingredients from separating, while the thin stem means your warm hands don’t warm the drink. From an Aperol Spritz to a White Russian, WholesalePak’s cocktail range will most certainly have you covered!


High-what? This tall glass might look unassuming but it’s tailor-made for fizzy cocktails and mixers, like a gin and tonic, ensuring your drink will not go flat too soon. Ranging from classic to contemporary, browse our Highball range, brought to you by some of WholesalePak’s most popular brands!


The opposite of a Highball is a Lowball – or tumbler. This is what you drink a scotch or brandy on the rocks out of because they’re just the right size to accommodate a small measure and a few chunks of ice. Whether it’s a bulk purchase of something casual and colourful or something that exudes class and sophistication, WholesalePak’s tumbler range has something for everyone.


We all know what a shot glass is – it measures a standard ‘shot’ of alcohol which is usually drunk in one go. But there are also versions that are designed to be sipped from, like a fancy liqueur glass. WholesalePak’s shot glass range varies in style and size, ensuring we have something for those who’d like a shot of vodka or tequila as well as those who like to wash down their dinners with a nice, stomach-settling shot of limoncello!


The white wine glass is typically slender and tulip shaped, which is good for keeping that chill in the drink. Glasses for your favourite red are typically larger and bowl-shaped, allowing the different aromas to mingle. And as I’m sure you’d have guessed by now, WholesalePak has a wine glass range so extensive that you simply couldn’t not find something you love!

There are so many variations on alcoholic drink glasses and we stock almost every option you’re looking for in our range of ecofriendly drinkware, all of which can be bought in bulk for your event and catering needs. Wondering how our glassware looks in action? Check out the Instagram page for the iconic Sydney establishment Bar Machiavelli, all drinkware supplied exclusively by WholesalePak!

Why Restaurants Need To Stop Littering


If you consider that glass bottles take up to a million years to break down, plastic bags between 10 to 20 years, and plastic bottles 450 years, it quickly becomes apparent that litter is a bigger problem than you might have previously thought.

In Sydney last year, 267,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste was collected, while half of this was recycled, the rest became landfill.

Restaurants are probably the biggest repeat offenders when it comes to littering.

Some of the biggest offenders for littering locally are Sydney restaurants, who don’t adequately dispose of their litter or provide bins for customers where they can put their rubbish. Around fast food restaurants littering is common and it’s not unusual to see packaging and cups tossed carelessly on sidewalks and gutters. So how can we make a difference?

Here at WholesalePak, we offer many types of bio-degradable packaging that are made from sustainable materials at environmentally friendly factories. If even half of the restaurants of Sydney switched to a more sustainable option for their takeaway containers, we’d be a much cleaner and healthier city.


While some litter may be recovered, the rest often makes its ways into waterways, where it affects and even kills aquatic life. Litter also blocks storm water drains, causing flooding and becoming a fire hazard. This is why it’s so important to use sustainable materials for your food packaging. You can read more about this in our blog on the unsung perks of using eco-friendly takeaway containers. These carbon neutral products are for those restaurants that truly care, so keep an eye out for them at Bondi Tony’s, Speedos, and many more!


Recyclable and biodegradable packaging breaks down much quicker than plastic, for a more environmentally friendly alternative. If you’re looking for top quality recyclable and biodegradable packaging products as an alternative to polystyrene, we specialise in eco-packaging, manufactured from fully sustainable materials.

Contact the team at WholesalePak for assistance with all of your food packaging needs. You can also send us an email if you have any questions you’d like answered.

In addition to embracing more eco-friendly packaging, it is crucial that restaurants invest in recycling and ensure their rubbish is picked up regularly. Restaurants also need to provide bins around their premises so that customers have somewhere to dispose of their rubbish.We appreciate any comments on our article, so if you have further insight into how to stop or minimise littering around Sydney restaurants, let us know on Facebook or shoot us an email!

Give Your Menu That Feeling of Summer


What can we say, this year’s weather has so far been particularly cold and drab, but the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel – the sun is finally coming out. Not only that, it’s coming out just in time for you to make the most of it with some fresh, new ideas for that summer menu!

So let’s take a look at a couple of special summer items for your starter, main and dessert selections that simply scream that indescribable feeling of clear blue skies, summer sea breezes and warm sunset-lit romantic evenings.


  • How about salmon – with a sweet twist?
Grilled salmon is all about summer, but why not really freshen it up by grilling it with brown sugar and presenting with zucchini and fennel?
  • Or a new summer salad?
It’s still spring, so why not deconstruct a spring roll and present it as a summer salad, complete with rice noodles?


  • Summer is all about eating light while enjoying a relaxing beer or two – so let’s combine the two, because everyone knows we love a great burger.
Give your favourite pulled-chicken summer sliders that unmistakable beer flavour by pickling the onion in a bottle of high quality pale ale.
  • And let’s stay with the summery chicken theme with a novel cutlet idea.
Serve your chicken cutlets as a summery salad, with plenty of red onion for that vibrant, summer colour, and replace the usual tomatoes with oh-so-summery juicy peaches.


  • You’ve been waiting for summer, because … strawberries
There is no summer dessert menu without strawberries, because who doesn’t love them when they’re at their best? Make the most of it with a double strawberry pie, not forgetting to top it off with whipped cream. For a simple and delicious recipe, check out this one from
  • And because it’s summer, make sure you have a no-bake option
When it’s really hot, you’ll want to finish off a great dinner outing with something sweet and cold, so how about a frozen dessert topped with honeyed peaches?

The ideas to make the most of summer when it comes to your menu selections are quite literally endless, so if you have a favourite or a clever suggestion, don’t be shy to let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out our blog page for the latest updates on Sydney trends, packaging and tableware tips and much more!

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