Instagram: How Important Is It To Your Business?

Instagram has become a huge marketing tool for any business, period. But for food-service operators of all kinds, Instagram has brought on a revolution in marketing and audience communication. Every restaurateur, hotel, delivery service, and cafe worth their salt (pardon the pun) should be getting on the Instagram train, and here’s why.


WholesalePak Instagram

If you’re in an industry that sells beautiful products, such as hospitality, it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t take advantage of a highly visual platform like Instagram. Delicious #foodstagram and #foodporn is always trending on Insta – and unlike its parent company, Facebook – Instagram doesn’t use an algorithm for what appears on your audience’s newsfeed. This means everyone following your page will see your posts as you publish and better yet, the likes are freely shared. Again, unlike on Facebook, Instagram’s audience doesn’t have to worry that their likes will get shared with their friends – meaning people can get in the 10,000+ range for likes and followers.

Depending on how smart you play the game the benefits of Instagram can be massive. Although you can pay for targeted ads based on analytics, you can also create an exciting feed that’s completely free.


WholesalePak Instagram

CRM (for the uninitiated) stands for ‘customer relationship management’. It basically means how you manage your relationship with your customer, including what strategies, technologies and data you’re picking up from them. With Instagram, you can drastically improve your CRM by using their new tool – Instagram Direct. It’s a direct messaging feature that allows customers can message your brand in private about any questions they may have. The same goes for sponsors and influencers.

As you can see the ability to network is then endless as well. You can collect tons of data and almost run a customer service help desk depending on how much you want to use the feature. On the flip side, you can respond to comments on your posts and enter into a dialogue with your viewers, thereby spreading the love for your brand – definite food for thought.


WholesalePak Instagram

Are you a laid back wholefoods cafe, a glamorous nightclub or like us, a food packaging company with some always-cool clients to showcase? With Instagram, you can really celebrate and build your brand’s image and personality. Build up an atmospheric personal by filtering your images. Or collage together pictures and overlay text to show you are fast-paced and innovative. Alternatively, show an intimate side to your brand and personalise yourself by snapping the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of your work in the hospitality industry. The creative branding opportunities are endless.

Have we inspired you? If you want to see what we’re talking about, how about starting by checking out WholesalePak’s Instagram? We’re posting pics regularly that showcase our favourite client’s beautiful food spreads, flaunting our gorgeous packaging and tableware. If you want any tips or advice, or if you’re one of our clients and you want to be featured on our page more – let us know.

Get in touch and we’ll sort you out 😉

Our Top 5 Sydney Date Spots

Got a hot date? Not sure where to go? Don’t worry, WholesalePak has got your back.

We’ve picked 5 Sydney restaurants for 5 different dating scenarios. So, whether you’re meeting for the first time, or falling in love, we’ve got you covered!


Bar Machiavelli Casual Date

Bar Machiavelli is the sister restaurant to the famous Machiavelli Ristorante, which has become a Sydney institution after 29 years. That alone should impress your special date, however, Bar Machiavelli has its own charm. Positioned in a heritage style warehouse in Rushcutters Bay, it specialises in handmade pasta and classic cocktails. The exposed brick walls feature a montage of projections and the bar is always pumping, making it the place to be and be seen for most of the Eastern Suburbs.


Lobo Plantation Casual Date

If you and your partner both work in or near Sydney’s CBD, The Lobo Plantation is the perfect after-work date spot. Just a short trip from Wynyard and Town Hall Stations, The Lobo is an underground restaurant off Clarence St that features quirky, Caribbean décor and 250 different types of rum. Sit back, enjoy the cane light fittings, lush green wall paper and potted plants while you and your partner sip on one of The Lobo’s famous rum cocktails. You’ll truly feel as if you have been transported to another time and place, where you leave work stress behind.


Big Poppa's Casual Date

Love hip hop, cheese and wine? If you do, you have something in common with the owners of Big Poppa’s. Kick back upstairs and enjoy industrial décor plus great Italian food, or get funky at the cocktail bar in the downstairs area. Just make sure your date doesn’t mind old school hip hop – that’s all Big Poppa’s plays, which is fair enough because it’s named after the 1994 Biggy Smalls smash hit of the same name.


The Terrace Casual Date

The Terrace Bar at the top of the Woollahra Hotel (affectionately named the WoHo for short) is a great way to relax in a pub environment that’s still date friendly. A multipurpose space that features a retractable roof, The Terrace Bar is a great way to socialise with Sydney’s best and brightest while sipping on cocktails and enjoying the sunshine. Alternatively, enjoy fantastic and affordable modern Australian pub fare by the fire. Later on you can get down on the dance floor to enjoy the tunes resident DJ’s play each weekend.


Darlo Country Club Casual Date

Drawing inspiration from Californian country clubs, the DCC, positioned in the heart of Darlinghurst, provides a fun, comfortable setting for socialising, drinking, dinning and maybe even a little dancing. With an ambience of sporting luxury, you and your date can expect an emphasis on service, presentation and quality. Enjoy more intimate areas or the buzzing cocktail bar and dinner, it’s up to you. One things for sure, you’ll experience first class service for the evening.

These are our top five date spots for five drastically different dating situations. Let us know you and your date went! Oh and by the way, while you’re there at any of these restaurants, check out their tableware: it’s all supplied by WholesalePak

Scouring Sydney For The Perfect Cup of Coffee

One of the many benefits of living in the beautiful city of Sydney is its coffee game. At WholesalePak, we firmly believe that Sydney sets the international standard for a consistently exceptional brew. But with so many cafés popping up on a daily basis, all claiming to provide an unmatched quality of coffee, it can be difficult separating the good from the immaculate. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve shortlisted four of our favourite local venues you have to visit for a truly memorable coffee experience!


WholesalePak Coffee

Located in Wattle St, Ultimo, Local MBassy is a coffee connoisseur’s paradise. If you like unusual blends like red velvet, taro purple, coconut, or chocolate mocha, MBassy is the place to be. They’re also adventurous with their food, their signature dish being the red velvet pancake with delicious in-house mascarpone. Set to décor as quirky as their coffee, they’re daring brews are poured into WholesalePak’s ceramic mugs and glasses.


WholesalePak Coffee

Pourch & Parlour is Bondi café lifestyle at its best. Come in on a Sunday for amazing poached eggs with spinach, a bloody mary and of course a fantastic coffee that many customers highly rate. We should know, we’ve tried their coffee because we designed they’re branded takeaway cups! They use Will & Co beans, which are fast making a name for themselves amongst Sydney siders as one of the tastiest, richest blends available today. Check it out next time you need a good feed on Sunday. If you’re so inclined, you can also get your hands on the #turmericlatte that is all the rage right now.


WholesalePak Coffee

If you want a place where the beans are blended exclusively by the owner, and the coffee is “absolutely perfect” in the words of one customer, Four Little Foxes located in Milperra, Western Sydney is outstanding. And it’s not just the customers who are raving. Four Little Foxes house coffee blend is award winning. WholesalePak has the honour of designing and supplying FLF’s custom branded cups. Be sure to check them out soon.


WholesalePak Coffee

Tucked away in the bustling CBD of Sydney, lize + bath is making ‘gourmet tuckshop’ the latest craze. Specialising in rustic, mouth-watering menu items, lize + bath also make a seriously good cup of jo, and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you one with their signature coffee art. Maybe you’ll get a swan, a love heart or a perfect leaf. One things for sure, you’ll see WholesalePak products at lize + bath. We supply all their food packaging and tabletop wear.

Those are our top nominations for the best coffee in Sydney. Did we miss any? If we did, get in touch and let us know. If you’d like to see any of WholesalePak’s ceramic mugs, latte glasses, or branded coffee cups feel free to explore our full range today!

The 3 Most Instagrammed Sydney Dishes

There are two types of people in this world: those that take photos of their food and those who pretend they don’t.

#foodporn represents a revolution in the way we consume food (and in turn, Instagram), the way we follow food trends and the food choices of our friends. Cafes and restaurants are going above and beyond to put up dishes that don’t just tick all the right boxes that constitute a delicious meal, but also have that ‘insta’ flair.

We’ve put together some of our favourite Sydney food crazes that are making our mouths water and blitzing our Instagram feeds.


Speedos Vegan Pancake Stack

It’s hard to imagine something more photographed than the view from the grassy knoll at Bondi Beach but the vegan pancake stack at Speedos are a real contender.

Featuring all the colours of the rainbow with poached berries, fig, pistachio crumble, maple syrup and cocowhip as an optional extra; this gorgeous dish is vegan friendly but even the biggest dairy fiend will find it hard to resist.

No strategic angles or sophisticated lighting required, this dish arrives perfectly stacked and ready to snap! Have you dined at Speedos recently? Then you’ve enjoyed a meal served atop a premium WholesalePak plate or bowl!


Mister Gee Burger Truck

These guys have a cult following in Sydney with their mobile burger offering tantalising and teasing those in the know. Using Instagram to update their changing location gives the burgers from Mister Gee’s burgers the elusive factor for all insta-dish photographers.

With names like the Truffe, Stonersrevenge, M.S Gee and other witty and delicious burgers on a rotating menu, hit up Mister Gee’s and get snapping this summer. You can check out just how delicious their burgers look via their Instagram, but we just had to use the image space above to show you how amazingly our custom branded packaging turned out! 🙂


Donut Box

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the doughnut trend hit Sydney because when it hit, it hit hard.

One night in Sydney, we went to bed to cronuts and woke up the next morning in a glaze-filled doughnut blaze of holey glory.

Krispy who? Dr Dough’s Donut Box has dominated the heart, mind, bellies and Instagram feeds of foodies for good reason; they’re curing first world problems with their doughnuts. And of course, their beautiful customised branded packaging is brought to you by WholesalePak 😉

So if you’re ready to get your Instagram looking damn delicious, order your Dr. Dough’s Donut Box on Ubereats or Deliveroo and get snapping. Have you checked out WholesalePak’s official Instagram yet? It’s full of only the most spectacular dishes brought to you by all of our friends and partners across Sydney!

Which foods are dominating your Instagram? We’d love to hear from you!

Your Guide To Alcoholic Drink Glasses

Because life isn’t a college party where generic red cups set the standard, you need to get your alcoholic beverage drinkware right for every tipple and occasion.

That’s because it’s not just about looking the part and feeling classy – there is science behind all of those different glass shapes and sizes for different alcoholic drinks, and it’s your job to know when you’re serving your customers. The shape and size influence the drink’s aroma and body and can optimise its flavour, as well as regulate how much you should serve and how quickly the customer can drink it. So here’s your guide to getting it right.


At WholesalePak, we know better than most that there’s more to beer than just the common pint! Normally quite simple shapes, beer glasses typically widen at the top, making them suitable for larger amounts of liquid and meaning it’s easier to drink. They also come in smaller sizes, slender shapes like the pilsner and much bigger jugs like steins. WholesalePak’s extensive drinkware collection ensures there’s a beer glass to suit any taste or occasion. Check out our beer glass range to see for yourself!


A champagne glass, otherwise known as a flute, is narrow, tulip-shaped and mandatory for weddings, toasts and celebrations. Why the shape? It’s all about maintaining the fizz and showing off those bubbles. Looking to add a touch of elegance to your restaurant, bar or even your next dinner party? Browse WholesalePak’s stunning champagne flute collection!


Think the famous Martini and beyond, the weird yet sexy shape of a cocktail glass actually helps prevent the mixed ingredients from separating, while the thin stem means your warm hands don’t warm the drink. From an Aperol Spritz to a White Russian, WholesalePak’s cocktail range will most certainly have you covered!


High-what? This tall glass might look unassuming but it’s tailor-made for fizzy cocktails and mixers, like a gin and tonic, ensuring your drink will not go flat too soon. Ranging from classic to contemporary, browse our Highball range, brought to you by some of WholesalePak’s most popular brands!


The opposite of a Highball is a Lowball – or tumbler. This is what you drink a scotch or brandy on the rocks out of because they’re just the right size to accommodate a small measure and a few chunks of ice. Whether it’s a bulk purchase of something casual and colourful or something that exudes class and sophistication, WholesalePak’s tumbler range has something for everyone.


We all know what a shot glass is – it measures a standard ‘shot’ of alcohol which is usually drunk in one go. But there are also versions that are designed to be sipped from, like a fancy liqueur glass. WholesalePak’s shot glass range varies in style and size, ensuring we have something for those who’d like a shot of vodka or tequila as well as those who like to wash down their dinners with a nice, stomach-settling shot of limoncello!


The white wine glass is typically slender and tulip shaped, which is good for keeping that chill in the drink. Glasses for your favourite red are typically larger and bowl-shaped, allowing the different aromas to mingle. And as I’m sure you’d have guessed by now, WholesalePak has a wine glass range so extensive that you simply couldn’t not find something you love!

There are so many variations on alcoholic drink glasses and we stock almost every option you’re looking for in our range of ecofriendly drinkware, all of which can be bought in bulk for your event and catering needs. Wondering how our glassware looks in action? Check out the Instagram page for the iconic Sydney establishment Bar Machiavelli, all drinkware supplied exclusively by WholesalePak!

Give Your Menu That Feeling of Summer


What can we say, this year’s weather has so far been particularly cold and drab, but the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel – the sun is finally coming out. Not only that, it’s coming out just in time for you to make the most of it with some fresh, new ideas for that summer menu!

So let’s take a look at a couple of special summer items for your starter, main and dessert selections that simply scream that indescribable feeling of clear blue skies, summer sea breezes and warm sunset-lit romantic evenings.


  • How about salmon – with a sweet twist?
Grilled salmon is all about summer, but why not really freshen it up by grilling it with brown sugar and presenting with zucchini and fennel?
  • Or a new summer salad?
It’s still spring, so why not deconstruct a spring roll and present it as a summer salad, complete with rice noodles?


  • Summer is all about eating light while enjoying a relaxing beer or two – so let’s combine the two, because everyone knows we love a great burger.
Give your favourite pulled-chicken summer sliders that unmistakable beer flavour by pickling the onion in a bottle of high quality pale ale.
  • And let’s stay with the summery chicken theme with a novel cutlet idea.
Serve your chicken cutlets as a summery salad, with plenty of red onion for that vibrant, summer colour, and replace the usual tomatoes with oh-so-summery juicy peaches.


  • You’ve been waiting for summer, because … strawberries
There is no summer dessert menu without strawberries, because who doesn’t love them when they’re at their best? Make the most of it with a double strawberry pie, not forgetting to top it off with whipped cream. For a simple and delicious recipe, check out this one from
  • And because it’s summer, make sure you have a no-bake option
When it’s really hot, you’ll want to finish off a great dinner outing with something sweet and cold, so how about a frozen dessert topped with honeyed peaches?

The ideas to make the most of summer when it comes to your menu selections are quite literally endless, so if you have a favourite or a clever suggestion, don’t be shy to let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out our blog page for the latest updates on Sydney trends, packaging and tableware tips and much more!

Let’s Talk About Sydney Burger Fever

Ze Pickle

Sydney’s burger craze has been gaining some serious momentum, with restaurants all over the city vying for the title of ‘best burger’. Burger lovers of Sydney can rejoice, as it means new and exciting burger varieties are popping up with reckless abandon.

We’re not sure about you, but at WholesalePak we believe that when your tummy starts rumbling there’s nothing more tantalising than a burger from your favourite restaurant or café; whether it be a classic steak house, a trendy Bondi establishment, or one of those 1950’s traditional American style diners you’ve seen popping up all over.


We’re not just talking about any old burger. What we love is a good, old fashioned burger, homemade style – dripping with sauces, and so loaded with toppings you struggle to wrap your hands around it, let alone squeeze it into your mouth. The kind of burger that ends up all over your face, with sauce layering the tip of your nose and smeared across your cheeks, and beetroot juice covering the front of your shirt.

While man versus burger is definitely not pretty to watch, savouring the explosion of flavours in your mouth, when devouring the crème de la crème of burgers is nothing short of heaven.


Some of the WholesalePak team’s personal favourites that regularly receive rave reviews in the media include:

At WholesalePak we pride ourselves on providing packaging supplies to some of Sydney’s most esteemed burger establishments – just browse our Instagram to see how sexy we get these burgers looking!


Goodtime Burgers

What all of these restaurants have in common is the quality of the ingredients they use and maintaining the perfect balance of melted cheese and sauces to keep the burgers moist. From the highest standard of beef, poultry, pork and seafood, to the softest locally sourced buns, rich and tasty relishes and freshest salad ingredients – they ensure every ingredient is carefully selected to blend together in perfect burger harmony.

It’s well worth trying some of these amazing Sydney burger restaurants out for yourself.

If you enjoyed this article and you’re also a bit of a coffee connoisseur, you’ll find our article on Eastern Suburbs Coffee Etiquette quite entertaining. If you own a cafe or restaurant and you’re looking for quality food packaging and serving products, contact the friendly team here at Wholesalepak for assistance today.

If you’re a restaurant seeking sustainable vessels to carry the burger love, check out our beta board kraft boxes range.

Eastern Suburbs Coffee Etiquette

While you don’t have to be a hipster to blend in with the coffee connoisseurs frequenting popular Eastern Suburbs cafes such as Porch and ParlourThe Grounds of Alexandria and Lox Stock & Barrel (amongst others), a well manicured beard, and an in-depth understanding of coffee etiquette, are generally considered positives.

As the coffee culture has grown dramatically in popularity, so too has the need to be aware of the unspoken codes of conduct when dropping into your favourite cafe or restaurant for a single or double shot of freshly ground, caffeinated heaven.


Dog Handbag Coffee

While handbag dogs are cute and adorable, this isn’t Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. This isn’t a scene out of ‘Legally Blonde’ and I’m afraid you aren’t Reece Witherspoon. Quite frankly, staffies rule the roost in Bondi, and fluffy pooches should never be sat down on the counter of a cafe or restaurant or even on your lap once you sit down, because the only hair you’d ever want to find in your coffee (if any) is your own.



Do not try to pick up the cute barista while there is a queue, especially early in the morning when customers are getting their breakfast coffee, as you’ll definitely get death stares from the other customers!



If you’re sitting in a cafe for several hours with friends or while completing work or study, buy more than a single coffee. Remember, cafe and restaurant owners are running a business, so you won’t be popular if you’re taking up space from another paying customer and spending very little. Whether you buy another coffee or grab a sandwich or a muffin, always spend more if you’re going to linger for longer.

#4. WAKE UP!

Grabbing an order to go? Make sure you pay attention, so you’re aware when your name is called out. Baristas hate having to call out for you several times, especially if you decide to go outside and take a call. If worst comes to worst, stay inside, but talk quietly.

For further cafe culture tips, as well as restaurant insights such as our recent article on why the plate is more important than the food be sure to keep following our blog updates! At WholesalePak we stock everything from tabletop supplies to takeaway containers, and place a strong emphasis on ethical practices and the need for eco-packaging to reduce our environment footprint.

Fixing The Halal Snack Pack Frenzy

Halal Snack Pack

  (Credit: @amabelleth)


In our humble view, there is only one way the Halal Snack Pack can be improved.

“Hang on … the what?”

If this was your response, you may be the only Aussie who hasn’t heard of this mouth-watering kebab shop craze!

The Halal Snack Pack is one of the country’s great viral social media successes of 2016. Five Sydney mates triggered Halal Snack Pack (HSP) fever when they started a closed Facebook group for people passionate about layers of hot chips, kebab meat, cheese and sauce served mainly in a Styrofoam container.

At last count, the group has over 165,000 members, which is like filling up Sydney’s Olympic Park – twice. Imagine two Sydney Olympic Parks full of people, brought together by a mutual love of hot chips smothered in doner kebab meat and creamy sauces!

Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society
Right now, it’s pretty much impossible to walk past a kebab shop without seeing people walking out of the door with a HSP.

At WholesalePak, we’re right behind this Aussie-Meets-Multicultural HSP craze – except for just one thing…

That Styrofoam container.

In fact, WholesalePak owner Joel Kahn has a mission.

Joel and WholesalePak are passionate about making packaging sustainable and eco-friendly, which is something Styrofoam is definitely not.


Halal Snack Pack

(Credit: @forksake)

The iconic HSP container is the disposable ‘clam-shell’ – made from an air-expanded, and therefore super-light, polystyrene.

If you get the feeling that Styrofoam is basically bad, you’d be right. The building block is called ‘styrene’, and exposure to this is bad for your skin, eyes, respiratory and nervous systems, kidneys – the list goes on.

Not only that, polystyrene production is heavily polluting, and is also one of the world’s biggest sources of hazardous liquid and solid waste. It’s also made with petroleum – not only heavily-polluting but also non-renewable and unsustainable. Plastics like polystyrene, which break up, find their way into the waterways, only to choke animals and kill sea-life, make up a huge percentage of all landfills, mainly because they’re hard and expensive to recycle.

In other words, Styrofoam is bad. This is where Joel’s mission comes in.


WholesalePak supply containers that are made from managed plantation-sourced pulp, or INGEO plastic, which is 100% renewable, eco-friendly, compostable and sustainable.

So Joel hopes the next craze is the ‘SHSP’ – the Sustainable Halal Snack Pack. Australians are increasingly passionate about ensuring our world, and our business practices, are passed on to our children and grandchildren in better shape.

If Joel contributes to the process of creating a happy, kebab-shop customer walking out into a cleaner, better, world with a delicious SHSP in their hands, his Halal Snack Pack mission will be complete.

If you want to help spread the word about the need for new and improved super-crazes like the SHSP, don’t be shy to get on board and add a comment.

Why The Plate Is More Important Than The Food

Many restaurateurs or café owners forget the minor detail that is choosing the right dinnerware for the establishment. It can be daunting to select a plate to go with every dish in the restaurant, so here’s why it’s important to consider investing in good dinnerware.


Pizza Plate

The dinnerware of your café or restaurant is a stage for the food to be presented to your customers. It can make the customer excited to take a photo and enjoy the meal. That will generate buzz around your establishment as well and bring in more customers. You can make a casual pizza place like an upscale restaurant by choosing the plates you use in your business. Check out our great range of pizza plates suitable for home and catering sectors!


Eco Friendly Plates

It all depends on the setting of your establishment. Usually, any high-end places opt for light or dark coloured plates to showcase the food more clearly. Smaller establishments lean towards intricate plate details, such as nautical designs for seafood restaurants. Interestingly, research has shown round plates and bowls can be related to food that is sweet, while angular plates are linked to savoury food.


Plates and Bowls

Plate size makes up a major factor of how the customer distinguishes the value of the meal and compares it to the price. Research discovered that customers are most satisfied to see a plate that is three quarters filled, and anything beyond that customers won’t think it’s worth the price. Similarly, if there is more space on the plate than food, the customer typically perceives it as not worth it. The beautiful Serax Range, pictured above, is now exclusively available at WholesalePak!


The Corner House

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best plates, but that doesn’t mean you should be a scrooge on buying cheap quality dinnerware as well. Purchasing good quality dinnerware can make you save more, as it won’t chip and wear easy in the long run, and it makes your restaurant more environmentally friendly, too. The goal is to get good quality plates that fit your budget and the setting of the restaurant.

Creating the ambience of your business with a simple choice of dinnerware can make your customers’ dining experience highly enjoyable and you’ll leave them coming back for more. Why not tell us how much this small change has affected your business for the better?

Check out the Churchill collection, and other beautiful designs for plates and bowls are available exclusively at WholesalePak!

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