Eco packaging for your business

If you are looking for environmentally friendly eco packaging for your business, then you’ve come to the right place! WholesalePak provides a range of eco containers to suit most food catering needs, made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and sugarcane. These days, more and more consumers are concerned about what kind of packaging their food comes in. Is it sustainable and environmentally friendly? Or does it damage the environment, creating excess waste? Be a business that proves you care about our world, by selling your goodies in eco-friendly packaging. Whether you are looking for eco-coffee containers, kraft boxes, eco-plates, eco-napkins or bamboo skewers, we have a huge range to suit a range of different foods and drink. Browse our eco-friendly packaging products below and contact us for any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to help with all of your packaging needs!

  • Eco-Cutlery
    Eco Cutlery Made from sustainable materials at environmentally friendly factories. These carbon neutral products a... See More
  • Eco-Coffee
    Eco-Coffee Bioplastic lining for plants NOT oil! Three type of lids: (1) BIOPLASTIC- Made form INGEO plastic 100%... See More
  • Eco-Containers
    Eco Containers Made form pulp sourced from managed plantations. Made form INGEO plastic 100% renewable, compostable a... See More
  • Bamboo
    Bamboo Bamboo is a hardy product that doesn’t require pesticides and herbicides to grow. 100% bio-degradable ... See More
  • Eco-Napkins
    Eco Napkins Environmentally friendly in manufacture as well as distribution these napkins are made from FSC certif... See More
  • Eco-plates
    Eco Plates Range of from Bamboo to Plam leaf. Hot and cold food friendly. Made from natural environmentally frien... See More
  • Sugar Cane
    Sugar-cane Of all the food-packaging products, Sugarcane has the least environmental impact. It takes one year to... See More
  • Kraft-Boxes
    Kraft Boxes The Beta Board range is the original kraft box range designed to hold wet and hot food for longer. Thi... See More
  • Eco-Bags
    Eco-Bags Bioplastic bags, kraft bags and white bags - environmentally sustainable and effective for food service. See More
  • Eco-Cups
    Eco-Cups Our wide range of ever-useful Eco-Cups are manufactured using the revolutionary bio-plastic INGEO-PLA.... See More
  • Eco-boxes
    Eco-boxes Watch this space some new and exciting products to come! Most importantly environmentally sustainable! See More
  • Skewers and picks
    Skewers and picks Our combination of quality, functionality and style offers a unique selection of the best disposables ... See More
  • Coffee Bags
    Coffee Bags Matt Black pouches with one way valve and zip lock seals for a longer shelf life. These versatile bags... See More