Packaging Product Range

Find the right packaging for your business

We know finding the right packaging for your business can be a struggle. We understand the importance of affordable packaging that still looks great and will impress your customers, yet is simple and slick. This is why we offer a diverse range of packaging to suit all the needs of your business, from drink containers to food wraps.

Keep it tidy

To help keep your customers comfortable and your surfaces clean, at WholesalePak we offer a range of cleaning wipes, napkins, gloves and washroom supplies. Browse our range and find your suitable cleaning products on the links below.

Storage containers

If you’re looking for food packaging, you’ve come to the right spot, as at WholesalePak we also supply bags, cold cups and lids, hot and cold containers, foil containers, plates and bowls, platters and coffee cups. So whatever your food packaging needs are, we have so many different products that you’re bound to find the solution here. Please take the time to look through our packaging products and feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

  • Food Wraps
    Food Wraps All types, shapes, sizes of wraps Cling Wraps Aluminium Foils Baking Paper Check out our Miler... See More
  • Coffee Supplies
    Coffee Supplies WholesalePak offers a large range of disposable coffee supplies. Ideal for caterers, event coordinator... See More
  • Cold Cups & Lids
    Cold Cups & Lids For packaging that wont leave you out in the cold. Shop from our diverse range of plastic cold cups an... See More
  • Bags
    Bags Large range of environmentally friendly ECO bags ideal for food-service. Thick and strong bags we only... See More
  • Napkins
    Napkins Napkins are so often the forgotten item on a shopping list. Order with us today and save yourself time... See More
  • Hot Containers & Lids
    Hot Containers & Lids Our range of specialty hot containers and lids service your need to handle higher temperatures for al... See More
  • Garbage Bags
    Garbage Bags Minimise the risks of tearing and spillages with our heavy duty garbage bags. Our range boasts heavy d... See More
  • Gloves
    Gloves Tired of gloves tearing upon application? Anchor Packaging gloves are made from thicker, quality mater... See More
  • Cold Containers & Lids
    Cold Containers & Lids Poor packaging leaving you out in the cold? Quality Cold Containers and Lids are an important part of ... See More
  • Wipes
    Wipes Take the heavy duty approach to hygiene with our range of commercial-grade heavy duty cleaning wipes a... See More
  • Drinking Straws
    Straws Every glass needs a straw and we’ve got them all. Our range of straws will fulfil the practical and ae... See More
  • Foil Containers & Lids
    Foil Containers & Lids Don’t let bad packaging foil your preparations for a great food-service operation. Shop our range of h... See More
  • Cutlery
    Cutlery Go bold with a gold spoon, or stick to traditional silverware. Whatever cutlery you fancy, we've got t... See More
  • Catering
    Catering A good restaurant must be equipped with more than tasty food, they also must have plastic smallware an... See More
  • Greaseproof Paper
    Greaseproof Paper See More
  • Kraft Boxes
    Kraft Boxes Diverse boxes and trays designed to hold wet and hot food for longer. This sturdy range is the best of... See More